Week 7- First half term nearly done!

The whole point in this post is to bring people up to date with my journey. I honestly never forget how this is my dream come true, even in some rollercoaster times. The SLT and my NQT mentor couldn’t be more perfect! The support I have and the amount of trust they have in me makes such a difference to my experience.


I wanted to write down a few challenges I face on a daily basis that would maybe resonate with fellow NQT’s/experience teachers.

1. Marking- I haven’t really found this a challenge, but I do feel that coming from a training year into having your own class, it is a bit of a culture shock. Having said that, I do take great pride in my children’s books and always enjoy celebrating top notch work!

2. Behaviour- to be quite honest, I have a class with quite a few children who present challenging behaviour. Does it phase me?… no. This is a challenge that will stay with me for the year, but it is one that I feel I can make the biggest difference to. Behaviour is a message of some sort. A communication sometimes of not being able to cope. You can be that positive force in their lives.

But here I am, smiling and feeling ecstatic with how well my class have done this half term. I’m sat here planning Autumn 2 ready for my first parents evening, data drop and Christmas fate 💪🎉🙌👏

Thank you for reading and everyone on #edutwitter for the support!

Mr Bache

Week 1 of NQT – LOVING IT!

Well well well, we are over the hump day and rolling into Thursday! It has been a fantastic week at school and in class with some brilliant pieces of work being produced.

The children are fully aware that their work has the chance of being published, no matter what subject. This has definitely helped with instilling extra motivation into them and they are genuinely SO excited!

1. This child is doing brilliantly settling into Year 4. Yes they have their moments when they find it very tricky to focus but having some ‘Art reward time’ is working great! See below for some of his artwork… free hand as well!!

2. In terms of Mathematical reasoning, this child is going above and beyond. I use ‘sentence stems’ as part of every lesson so this gives children the chance to develop explanations.

I think that…

I notice that…

I can see that…

As always please show support and love for the work being showcased as it means an awful lot!

Have a SUPER rest of the week and remember your well-being 🙌🙌🙌

Mr Bache

NQT first day… DONE!

Well I couldn’t quite believe it until I opened the door to greet 28 smiling children coming into Otters for the first time. Nothing can prepare you for the moment you realise that this is your OWN class!

We spent the day focusing on our Anglo-Saxon project and had a hook of creating an archaeological dig, trying to find a missing hoard. They were so engaged and started thinking like ‘historians’ which was so lovely to see.

As mentioned previously, this blog is going to be used to publish some of the children’s work, giving them more of an audience to write for.

1. This child came to me in transition week having not been in class for 2 years. He came in today BUZZING to have his own peg label and even completed some great work on a laptop! Safe to say I was SO proud!

Of course he received a Mr Bache sticker in light of his MASSIVE achievements!

2. Such effort went into the research from this child that I had to post it. She chose her favourite aspects of Anglo-Saxon history and found sources on her own to analyse. I created these ‘wonder’ grids to give ownership to the children, rather than me feed them the information.

Throughout the day I just had to keep stopping to congratulate ALL children for making me proud of their respect and resilience.

For all other NQT’s, I hope you had a fantastic time with your children!!

Cannot wait to show this to Otters class on Monday so as always, please share and support 🙌🙌🙌

Mr Bache xx

Still on my to-do list ⏰

Less than two weeks until the new academic year starts and whilst I’ve ticked A LOT off my list, there are still a few things I need to do before I welcome the new ‘Year 4 Otters’.

1. Go around charity shops for #charityshopchallenge and see what bargains I can find for my book corner. It’s still looking a bit empty as a new teacher without a collection.

2. Look over children’s work from previous year to ensure high expectations are kept from Day 1.

3. Print off ‘welcome’ cards for each child to remind them of the exciting year ahead!

4. Learn and rehearse ‘counting’ routine for times tables. I’ve seen this done a lot of Twitter and I believe it’ll massively engage the children!

5. Have a few more country walks! I have a few more days to enjoy the sun and the country air before setting up camp in my classroom.

I honestly cannot WAIT to get going, learn from others and develop my teaching practice for my wonderful class!

Happy Sunday!

Mr Bache

NQT nerves…don’t worry 💪

Today’s post will be all about those NQT nerves which I’m sure even experienced teachers are feeling! But for an NQT, the prospect of having your own class… all to yourself… your responsibility… can be daunting to say the least. I feel incredibly lucky to be teaching at a school which I know really well and have spent most of my training in. I cannot begin to wonder how I would be feeling walking into a completely different school as an NQT, so hats off to those doing that!

Those who are nervous- remember to use them wisely and positively! You have GOT this! I am nervous BUT I know I’m good enough and ready to learn/ discover my teaching style 🙌

When I was a performer, nerves were always there, ready to cripple me and turn me into an anxious wreck. But I learnt to control and conquer those thoughts and build up my confidence.

So for all of you out there starting your NQT year (like me), just remember that you are FABULOUS and get excited about your new class 🎉🎉🎉

Mr Bache

NQT on holiday ☀️

No I haven’t deleted the blog OR disappeared… I am simply relaxing in Croatia on holiday before it all begins in just a few weeks!

My partner is also a teacher (Secondary English) so lucky for us we get the same holidays! He has worked so hard all year and so have I, so 2 weeks in blissful sunshine and relaxing by the sea was definitely needed.

I left for Summer feeling quite prepared and happy with how my classroom currently looks (no doubt it’ll all change). Never the less, at least I can zone out and enjoy some quality time with my other half 🙌👍

Cheers to all of you and we wish you a FABULOUS break 👏👏👏

Update!- Creating my NQT classroom…

So here is a little update after a few days without blogging…

This time I bring you some updates of the classroom, ready for my first EVER class!

This was taken on Friday (before and after). I toiled with a lot of table ideas but have settled for this. It has surprisingly left a lot of room either side for me to try and wonder around and not trip over! I also tried to make sure each child had enough space to work… VERY important!

This AMAZING tree (from Amazon £12.99) fits in perfectly with my book corner and my school’s reward system. I can’t wait for all of the children to see this!

Back into school tomorrow finishing working walls and completing the ‘Dare to Dream’ book corner 🙌

Have a SUPER evening!

Mr Bache

Teaching is like being a performer… 🕺

During my ‘planning party’ for Computing, I had a flashback to my performing days (Musical theatre) and I decided to compare it to teaching.

When I took on my class I told them all about myself and mentioned that I was a performer on stage before working in schools. They were fascinated by this and asked a few questions like ‘do you miss it?’ and ‘was it harder than teaching?’.

(Look how young and refreshed I look- with lots of editing)

Being a performer takes a hell lot of resilience and courage to keep on going and never give up. Pretty much this is the same for all teachers that have doubts sometimes and worry that they are not doing enough (when they are).

Bearing in mind I’ve experienced both professions, I never realised how similar they can be. As a teacher you have to juggle lots of things at once as you are responsible for SO much. What has helped me during my training year is sometimes seeing myself as a performer.

When you are down, you have to smile and get on with it. When you make a mistake or the lesson isn’t going to plan, you adapt on the spot or ‘improvise’ sensibly 👍.

One of the multiple things I love about teaching is the selflessness towards the children. Some are going through a lot at such a young age and as their teacher, you have to help them reach their potential!

So back to why I wrote this, I realised that sometimes you DO have to act… just like a performer. But make sure you don’t lose YOU in the process 🙌

Mr Bache 🕺

Coffee and planning parties for one 🎉

Good afternoon! Today I ventured into school to meet with my Year partner and plan plan plan… no I’m not crazy!

I also spent time admiring my Year partner’s book corner, feeling slightly hesitant at the thought of doing mine! (It’ll be fine I’m sure).

As an NQT, I want to make sure I am prepared as possible for September and having my ‘planning parties’ is helping me A LOT. I know NQT year will be hard but I feel so lucky to be working at a driven and inspiring school that gives so much support 👍.

Of course I also rewarded myself with a wonderful ‘soy cappuccino’ for the hard work ☕️.

For all the other fellow NQT’s, don’t panic or worry that you are not prepared or don’t feel ready because on that first day when your children come in, you will know EXACTLY what to do 🙌🙌🙌 .

Mr Bache

‘Bits, bobs and Welcomes’

Another post about bits and bobs I have picked up in preparation for September.

I made a trip to good old Home Bargains and managed to find some great ‘bargains’… (it is what it says on the tin).

I’m going to use these dividers for times tables 99 club to stay super organised, especially because of the looming test at the end of the year!

I LOVE these cushions from IKEA to go in the book corner to create a comfy spot for reading. I also need a calm place for specific children to use when they are finding it hard to deal with certain situations.

I have made a ‘Welcome’ card for each child for their return, reassuring them to relax and just enjoy the new classroom and routines!

Just over a week until holiday to Croatia 🇭🇷 and I cannot WAIT to relax and unwind… ☀️

Mr Bache